‘You know you are a faculty member during finals week when…


… there’s a lot of papers stacked on your desk.” — Bill Zhang, assistant professor in architectural engineering and construction science

… students are anxious to turn in things they should have turned in months ago.” — Linda Puntney, instructor in journalism

… you start receiving panicked emails from students discovering their grades matter.” — Derek Hillard, professor in German

… you receive emails asking … what’s in the exam.” — Philippe Belley, assistant professor in economics

… you leave your house wearing a sweater and a jacket and you walk to class sweating in the heat.” — Nicolette Manglos-Weber, assistant professor in sociology

… students you haven’t seen all semester start appearing at your door.” — Nathan Bean, instructor in computer science

… you’re sad to say goodbye to your class.” — Wendy Matlock, associate professor in English

Hi everyone! I'm a senior in journalism and cultural anthropology. My favorite things are storytelling, coffee and meeting new people. In that order.