Street Talk: Summer Health


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I play tennis, walk to class and walk whenever I have the option to when I am at work or hanging out with friends.

Haley Spellman, junior in political science and communication studies

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I stay healthy and active with my job as a lifeguard for the City of Manhattan. Aside from swimming, I do 100 push-ups a day.

Benjamin Schaub, sophomore in engineering technology

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I spend time working out at the recreation center. I try to make sure to never miss a day there during the summer.

Joshua Domann, senior in kinesiology

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I have my fencing club to keep me healthy, which is great because it remains active during the summer. To keep my brain healthy and active, I have my research and school work.

Rohan Amare, PhD graduate student in mechanical engineering

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This summer I have spent a lot of time going on walks, which I enjoy. A lot of the time I ask friends what to do to stay active in Manhattan since I am new to the area.

Asia Fernandez, Manhattan resident