Street Talk: Father’s Day


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I’m very close to my father, so I let him know how much I appreciate him in my life and that I love him. We talk about the times that he did something significant for me or was there for me.

Charles Cramer, Charles Cramer, senior in social sciences

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I’m usually in summer school during father’s day, but if I’m with my dad, we go to my uncle’s house to shoot guns and ride four-wheelers.

Brendan Whitney, senior in biological systems engineering

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Now that I have a son of my own, we celebrate by making a card for his dad and having a cake. We just try to have a great time together.

Caridee Mandiun, visiting scholar

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I do whatever my dad wants to do, which is usually making an extravagant breakfast or grilling.

Ashley Rasmussen, Manhattan resident

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I Skype with my dad and my uncle and tell them how wonderful they are and how grateful I am to be part of their family.

Ayomide Aduloju, senior in medical biochemistry