Manhattan Meat Market celebrates grand opening downtown


The Manhattan Meat Market celebrated its grand opening on June 23. It is the very first full-service butcher shop in the city.

Manhattan Meat Market is a multiproduct market that sells beef, pork, chicken, seafood, deli meats, charcuterie and cheese.

Jake Worcester, one of five owners of the Manhattan meat shop and 2001 Kansas State alumnus in agricultural economics, said there are more products to come.

“We really want to listen to our customers,” Worcester said. “What our customers request, we want to find it for them.”

Beyond the meats and cheeses, there is other merchandise sold in the Manhattan Meat Market to help customers prepare their meat products including spices, olive oils and handmade cutting boards from the owner’s cousin.

Manhattan Meat Market buys their high-quality meat from both local and national sources. Dustin Downie, manager of Manhattan Meat Market and K-State 1993 alumnus in criminal justice, said helping farmers is a priority for the business.

“We want to work with farmers together and bring the products in,” Downie said. “Manhattan has been needing this for a long time.”

Manhattan Meat Market sources its pork locally within Riley County. The lamb products are from Pottawatomie County. The beef is from a national beef brand called Braveheart Beef.

“We are one of the first meat markets to ever carry Braveheart beef in a market as a retailer,” Worcester said. “They do almost all their sales directly to their restaurants.”

When asked about the grand opening, Worcester said a good product and good service are the two keys to starting a successful market.

“We believe we already have a really nice product,” Worcester said. “We need our customers to have a fantastic experience when they come in, so all of our preparation for the grand opening was focused on providing a great product and great services.”

Pat Dembkowski, grand opening attendee and Manhattan resident, said the experience was positive overall.

“These are all really nice, quality meats,” Dembkowski said. “And the price is reasonable. You can find anything you want here.”

Worcester said Manhattan is a central point in the state of Kansas for agriculture and food science.

“There is a gap in the market, and there was an opportunity that wasn’t being served in Manhattan,” Worcester said. “Manhattan deserves a meat market. Because there wasn’t one in town, we opened one.

Additionally, the owners of Manhattan Meat Market are willing to provide employment opportunities for K-State students after they come back from summer vacation.

“We know the K-State students love meat as much as we do,” Worcester said. “We’d love to offer them opportunities to be engaged with us, and we could also offer them great experience, too.”

Manhattan Meat Market is located at 307 South Seth Child Road. The market is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.