K-State lineman reflects on being fifth openly gay college football player this season


After coming out as gay to his teammates in a team-building exercise in 2015, Scott Frantz, an offensive lineman on the Kansas State football team, publicly revealed his sexuality during an interview with ESPN’s Holly Rowe July 12.

“I came out to my teammates, and I’ve never felt so loved and so accepted ever in my life than when I did that,” Frantz told Rowe. “And ever since then it’s been great. I’ve grown so much closer to my teammates since.”

Frantz is now one of only five openly gay players in college football, and one of two openly gay players who competes at college football’s highest level — the other being freshman defensive end My-King Johnson at the University of Arizona.

Head coach Bill Snyder said in a press release he was affected by Frantz’s desire to set an example for others.

“What impressed me about this story is that Scott really thought that he could assist others who were experiencing perhaps the same thing or something very similar to this,” Snyder said in the press release. “And that hit home with me.”

Snyder also said he was confident the Wildcats would be supportive of Frantz regardless of his sexuality.

“I was quite comfortable that [our team] would be very receptive and that they would treat him as they always have — as his teammate and someone that they cared about,” Snyder said. “And they did.”

Frantz said he was nervous when he first came out to his teammates during an offseason team-building exercise.

“The very first time I said those words were in front of, you know, 110, 120 football guys,” Frantz said. “So you can imagine how scared I was, how nervous I was.”

Frantz said he was uncertain of how his coming out would be received, but he was relieved with the result.

“This could go either really bad or could go really good,” Frantz said. “And thankfully my teammates embraced me with open arms, and it was great.”

DeAundra Allen
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