Manhattan local events calendar for July 19 – 25


Cardboard Box Party

July 21, 2017, 10 a.m. at Manhattan Public Library.
What can you build out of a cardboard box? This event allows residents to make a unique structure out of leftover boxes at the Manhattan Public Library. Supplies will be provided, but individuals can also bring their own boxes.

Arts in the Park: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

July 21, 2017, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the Larry Norvell Band Shell in Manhattan City Park.
Proclaimed as the kings of “kid-hop,” Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a family-oriented hip-hop group created to please audiences both young and old.

National Day of the Cowboy

July 22, 2017, 10 a.m. 2 p.m. at the Flint Hills Discovery Center.
This is the 13th annual observance of the National Day of the Cowboy, which celebrates the cowboy as a symbol of the American West. The event will include barrel racing, calf roping, bull riding, leather stamping, face painting, buckboard rides and cattle calling.

History and Three Phases of the Ku Klux Klan

July 23, 2017, 2 p.m. 3:30 p.m. at the Manhattan Public Library.
Jill Meyers will present on the Ku Klux Klan’s return to prominence in the 1960s after experiencing three phases of group development. He will also discuss where the organization might be headed in the future.

Young Adult App Building

July 25, 2017, 2:30 p.m. at the Manhattan Public Library.
This event will allow young adults and teens to create a smartphone/tablet application through an introduction to computer programming and coding.

Italian Wine Tasting

July 25, 2017, 7:30 p.m. 9 p.m. at Arrow Coffee Co.
This event will be led by Keith Speckles, a certified sommelier. Participants will sample his favorite Italian wines, with special emphasis on more unusual or lesser known varieties.