Street Talk: Net Neutrality



I don’t think that any Internet provider should be able to make one website slower than another.

Brittany Tanner, senior in education


I believe that information should not be constrained behind a paywall, so net neutrality is a good thing.

Edward Freeman, graduate student in architecture


Everyone should be open to the Internet no matter what. It should be addressed as a utility. When you have competition and no net neutrality, people can easily get trumped.

Nicholas Webb, junior in computer science


Everyone who pays for access to the Internet should be able to access the Internet equally. You should not have to pay extra to access certain websites. Internet service providers shouldn’t be able to prevent access from any websites.

Ash R. Lee, K-State Union employee


Internet access should be free once you’ve paid the fee to be connected. Both the website owner and the user pay the ISP’s to be connected, so it shouldn’t make a difference whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.

Joel Knarr, K-State Union employee