Career Center updates employment software


As part of its mission to provide students with the best employment opportunities, the Kansas State University Career Center is phasing out its old Career and Employment Services platform and replacing it with a new online app, Handshake.

Handshake is a job hunting platform that connects students and potential employers. According to Handshake’s website, more than 6 million students from more than 350 universities use the app to find careers and internships from 180,000 employers who post jobs openings and internships to the platform.

Although employers were able to post jobs to Handshake since July 1, students will not have access to the platform until Aug. 1. Students can sign in with a guest account to view job listings, but the Career Center is asking students to refrain from applying for jobs or contacting employers directly.

When the transition is complete, Handshake will feature a way to upload resumes and cover letters, a calendar for local and university events, search tools and a place to schedule appointments with the Career Center.

The transition from K-State’s proprietary CES platform to Handshake began with the the deactivation of the Career Center account system June 14. Kerri Keller, director of the Career Center, said the Career Center “decided to go with Handshake because of its student-focused approach.”

Keller also said Handshake has a vast array of features, and she said she thinks the app will be “engaging and helpful” in students’ searches for internships and employment opportunities.