News Briefs: Sept. 6


North Korea announced on Sunday that the country successfully conducted its first thermonuclear test. The announcement of a hydrogen bomb detonation came hours after reports of seismic activity in the country’s northern region. According to ABC News, President Trump responded to the question of whether the United States will respond with force by saying, “We’ll see.” Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that any threat to the U.S., its territories and its allies will be “met with a massive military response.”

Hurricane Irma is expected to make landfall this weekend in Florida. According to the Washington Post, the category five storm has wind speeds reaching 185 mph and could create a storm surge of seven to 11 feet of water. Irma is tied as the second strongest storm recorded in the Atlantic, as well as the strongest outside of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The storm’s current environment is “ideal for some additional intensification,” according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm’s path cannot be perfectly predicted, but it is expected to hit the Florida Keys on Saturday and follow the western side of the peninsula. This will mark the first time in US history that two storms of this caliber will make landfall in the same season.

A University of Kansas student found an unattended gun in an on-campus bathroom on Tuesday. According to the University Daily Kansan, the student came across the gun in a men’s restroom on the fourth floor of Wescoe Hall and reported it to a graduate teaching assistant who called 911. KU Public Safety officers retrieved the gun. Deputy police chief James Anguiano has disclosed that the gun is a .38 caliber revolver and was loaded at the time of discovery. The incident follows the controversial passage of the new campus carry law that permits anyone over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon on university campuses.

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