News Briefs: Sept. 8


Hurricane Irma is being called one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded. According to the New York Times, at least seven people have died in Irma’s wake as of Sept. 7. The Category 5 storm has wind speeds reaching approximately 175 mph. Irma has devastated multiple islands in the Caribbean, destroying 95 percent of St. Martin and leaving more than 70 percent of Puerto Rican households without power.

Betsy DeVos announced in a press conference Thursday that the Department of Education will change its approach to sexual misconduct on college campuses by scaling back the aggressiveness of Title IX investigations. According to NPR, the announcement comes in the wake of complaints that current regulations deny due process to the accused. K-State currently faces five Title IX investigations.

Amazon is planning to build a second headquarters in North America. According to the Kansas City Star, the $5 billion investment could create close to 50,000 jobs. Kansas City, Missouri, intends to make a serious bid to host the massive online shipping business. If Amazon builds their headquarters in Kansas City, the business will become the city’s largest employer, completely changing the Midwestern business landscape.

Riley County has collected approximately 27 percent of the household hazardous waste in the region, according to the Manhattan Mercury. Latex paint, used motor oil and oil-based paints made up 60 percent of the nearly 200 thousand pounds of hazardous waste collected in Riley County. It was also reported that neighboring counties, including Pottawatomie, Geary and Wabaunsee, collected 749,079 pounds of hazardous waste in the span of a year.

Leah Zimmerli
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