Union Program Council hosts Canoe Battleship

Teams shoot water at each other during the Canoe Battleship held by K-State student Union Program Council in the K-State Natatorium on Sept. 8, 2017. (Photo by Alanoud Alanazi | Collegian Media Group)

Almost 200 students filled the Natatorium with laughter and cheering as six canoes holding four students each played a real life game of Battleship in the pool at the Union Programming Council’s Canoe Battleship event Friday evening.

The event was inspired by a similar event at the University of Connecticut. The game intrigued UPC enough to bring it to K-State, said Michael Varhola, After Hours co-chair and sophomore in construction science management.

The event’s goal was to provide a fun way to encourage teamwork among students.

Last year’s Canoe Battleship did not see many participants due to bad weather, but Varhola and UPC decided to bring it back.

The entire Natatorium was used for fun in the water. While students waited their turn to play, they took advantage of the lap pools and diving boards. Each game of Battleship took approximately ten minutes.

Emma Witter, freshman in marketing and communications, said the event was a fun way to spend her Friday night and that she would recommend this event to friends. She said she hopes to return next year with better Battleship tactics.

Witter said she also plans on getting involved in more activities held by UPC because of her positive experience with Canoe Battleship.

This event brought together students and promoted a healthy social environment for them to make new friends.

“Mingling with so many different people was fun,” Oliver Schmitz, freshman in agricultural technology management, said.

UPC teamed up with Recreational Services, who allowed them to use the pool and provided canoes. Beth Bailey, assistant director and program manager at K-State Student Union, said this would not have been possible without the help of Recreational Services.