REVIEW: Louis York’s latest single is a jazz piano hit


“And now, a little something to cleanse your palate” is your welcome to a jazz standard. Louis York’s latest single “I Enjoy You” is a really great study song with three minutes of great-sounding piano.

The elements and tones are classy and also give the song a modern flare. The lyrics even express the song is “a breath of fresh air.” The vocal notes immerse you into a beautiful, jazzy mood that will have your dopamine levels high. “I Enjoy You” is a bop!

Louis York is not one person — Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony are a New York City duo in the jazz lounge making timeless music.

Louis York released this single Sept. 1 on Tidal, but I heard about it via The Friend Zone, a Loud Speaker Network podcast, on the episode “Recovering Undercover Perfectionist.”

The members of The Friend Zone described the new single as “a great wedding song,” “beautiful” and “a great candles-and-bath song.”

If that’s not convincing enough, Louis York is a Grammy-nominated group, acting as songwriters and producers for “Bittersweet” by Fantasia and “Pieces of Me” by Ledisi, respectively. Claude Kelly is also a 2012 Song of the Year Grammy nominee for “Grenade” by Bruno Mars.

The band’s other half, Chuck Harmony, has instrumental talent that can only be heard, but words cannot express how much I enjoy pressing play and hearing the eclectic vibes. All of their songs have excellent production.

Louis York’s genre varies between jazz, alternative and R&B. Great music is their respective background and gift.

“I Enjoy You” is something to put in your playlist. Stop reading this and go listen to that track!

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