UPC films are in full swing this fall


In a rather small town like Manhattan, students are usually faced with the decision of what to do on weekends, and if it is affordable for a college budget. Luckily, the K-State Union Performance Council (UPC) is here to help guide those decisions for students.

The UPC is a student-led organization that is funded through student privilege fees. According to the UPC website, the council’s goal is “to provide educational, cultural and social experiences by students for students and the K-State community.”

This program has a lot to offer not only to the K-State students, but the whole Manhattan community. Some events that the UPC curates include art exhibits, campus entertainment events and music programs.

One event that is unique to the UPC is the film series that is open to students and the public. The film series consists of weekly films that are currently in theaters. These films are usually shown in Forum Hall or Wildcat Chamber, formerly known as the Little Theater.

Jordan Herrick, films co-chair for the UPC, said that most of the films they pick are ones that are nearing the end of their theatrical run, but not yet available to rent or download.

The films were open to the general public for $3 with additional discounts. This year is the first time that the weekly films will be free to students, according to Herrick. All students have to do is show their K-State ID for admittance into the movies.

Part of the UPC’s mission is to also help students engage with each other in different ways. Because of this, the UPC likes to co-sponsor specific films and events with other student-lead organizations on campus. Elizabeth Nguyen, the other films co-chair, said that the UPC is looking forward to working with more organizations on campus through co-sponsorships.

One of the great things about the films that the UPC puts on is that students truly engage with the content and the atmosphere of the films. Luke Pence, a junior in psychology, said that he looks forward to going to the different movies during the year, not only because they are free, but mostly because they are great movies that people actually have a desire to see.

Herrick added that they try to make as many films possible into events, whether it be a drive-in, an outdoor film on Bosco Plaza or Anderson Lawn or even a showing at a local theater. The UPC welcomes all students to attend their meetings to help suggest specific film titles, promotions for films or events for films.

For a full list of events and dates, you can visit the UPC website at kstateupc.com.