FBI arrests NCAA assistant coaches and Adidas executives


The FBI arrested four assistant coaches from major college basketball programs Tuesday morning on charges of corruption. Also arrested were a former NCAA official and two Adidas executives.

The coaches arrested include: Auburn assistant coach Chuck Person, Oklahoma State assistant coach Lamont Evans, University of Arizona assistant coach Emmanuel Richardson and University of Southern California assistant coach Tony Bland.

James Gatto, an Adidas marketing executive, is being charged in relation to allegedly bribing high school basketball players to attend Adidas-sponsored schools and then sign with Adidas upon turning professional.

Also involved in this scheme were Merl Code, another Adidas employee, Christian Dawkins and Munish Sood, sports agents, and Jonathan Augustine, an Amateur Athletic Union coach.

The court documents cite two universities; the first is a major public research university in Kentucky. It has about 22,640 students according to the documents. They are also sponsored by Adidas. The University of Louisville fits this description.

The second university is described as a major public research university in Florida. The documents say this school has approximately 16,000 students. This school is sponsored by Adidas as well. The University of Miami fits this description.

Gatto allegedly helped funnel $100,000 from Adidas to a player in return for that player signing with the major public research university in Kentucky. That player would also retain Dawkins’ services when he turned professional.

Gatto allegedly did the same for another athlete attending the university in Florida for was $150,000.

Dawkins and Sood allegedly bribed Evans with at least $22,000 to use his influence on players who were on his team to encourage them to sign with Dawkins. The court documents indicate this relationship began while Evans was at South Carolina and continued when he moved to Oklahoma State.

Evans is a K-State alum and former assistant coach at K-State under head coach Frank Martin.

Richardson and Bland are also implicated in Evans’ case. Dawkins and Sood allegedly bribed each of them to encourage their players at Arizona and Southern California, respectively, to sign with Dawkins’ and Sood’s sports management agency. The name of the agency is not mentioned in the documents.

Bland allegedly also helped facilitate meetings between Dawkins, Sood and unnamed players’ families. The goals of these meetings were to “[describe] the services [Sood] offered to his athlete clients.” Dawkins and Sood would also allegedly pay the athletes or their families.

Rashan Michel, owner of a men’s clothing company, is implicated in the documents surrounding Person.

Michel allegedly loaned $60,000 to Person, in return he would “give us two or three kids that’s all coming out of his program.”

The documents allege that Michel offered Person $10,000-$15,000 per athlete that Person “delivered.” This agreement was marked down on a promissory note and Person was allegedly paid $10,000 for signing it.

The court documents can be found on the US Attorney’s office for Southern New York’s website.