College of Architecture, Planning and Design receives national rankings, celebrates new building


Programs within the College of Architecture, Planning and Design have earned national prestige. The college is also preparing to celebrate the dedication of Regnier Hall.

DesignIntelligence voted the College of Architecture, Planning and Design’s graduate programs in architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture to be among the best in the nation.

DesignIntelligence is the only organization that ranks accredited professional programs in architecture, landscape architecture and interior design/architecture.

For 2017, K-State’s landscape architecture graduate program ranked fifth in the nation overall, while the graduate program in interior architecture ranked sixth.

“I think these rankings are a great indication of the value of our degree and the preparedness of our graduates to make an immediate impact in the profession,” said Tim de Noble, dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design. “We have a commitment to preparing people to be great design professionals”

Katie Eberth, senior in architecture, believes the college’s curriculum adequately challenges students.

“This program is very intense and vigorous, but it pushes me to do better in my design, in my classes and also for myself,” Eberth said. “There are a lot of great opportunities available to architecture students.”

In addition to national rankings, students, faculty and alumni will join in the celebration of the Seaton and Regnier Hall dedication today. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tours of the new complex led by student ambassadors.

“It’s been great seeing the building come into being and create spaces that we as architecture students can learn from,” Eberth said.

Design plans for the new complex began in 2013, but demolition construction did not start until October 2015.

The new complex features new design laboratories, technology-enriched classrooms, conference rooms, an all-new library, a 280-seat auditorium and the new Barb and Casey Cassias Gallery in Regnier Hall.

An exhibit titled “A College is Formed,” located in the Barb and Casey Cassias Gallery and the Chang Gallery in Seaton Hall, displays the physical history of the building and the evolution of the architecture complex.

“The exhibit reviews both the cultural milestones and physical building history of the college,” said Thom Jackson, communications and events coordinator for the College of Architecture, Planning and Design.