Smoothie King to open in Manhattan this winter


Smoothie King will soon open up shop in Manhattan this winter at 1228 Westloop Place, straight across from the west Dillons. With over 800 locations across three continents, Smoothie King plans to provide healthy lifestyle choices for smoothie-loving customers.

Born and raised in Manhattan, franchise owner Terry Langton is excited for Smoothie King to open, as he hopes the store will educate the health-focused student population.

“Manhattan is a vibrant, well-educated town and, coupled with the student population, a very health-focused community,” Langton said. “They deserve the finest, and Smoothie King is the ‘original smoothie’ and still the best available. Smoothie King’s mission is to ‘help our guests live a healthy and active lifestyle.’”

Smoothie King is dedicated to developing smoothies with a purpose. The store will have smoothies that are designed for each guest’s individual tastes — whether that includes losing weight, adding extra protein, getting extra nutrients or boosting the immune system, there are many ways Smoothie King can help its customers.

“The unbelievably great taste is just an extra benefit,” Langton said.

Recently Smoothie King took a huge initiative and has been promoting “Cleaner Blending,” removing sugar and other additives from their products.

The new store in Manhattan will feature a design decorated to have a warm, welcoming feel to it. The Manhattan store will also have a very unique shape — Langton described it as “not the typical box-shaped space.” Although this has created a few design challenges, they have worked through the problems and plan to open their doors in early December.

Smoothie King will be looking for 18 to 20 reliable workers to cover their daily schedule: Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“We will begin interviewing and hiring a couple weeks prior to opening and spend about a week training our team members on everything from the history of Smoothie King, our processes and food safety, as well as basic nutritional information,” Langton said. “We want our employees to be able to assist our guests to reach their health-related goals. Benefits include a free smoothie for each shift worked, and our team members go home smelling like fresh fruits and vanilla instead of fried foods.”

As they begin their final touches on the store, Langton said he hopes Smoothie King will be able to make an impact on the community by bringing a healthy food option to the Manhattan area.

“Being healthy takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention how expensive it can be,” Langton said. “Sourcing the most nutritious fruits and vegetables and purchasing the finest ingredients takes a lot of time. We are going to make it easier for our guests to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Pop in, place your order and let us prepare you a smoothie made to your specifications with the finest ingredients available. In just minutes, you’re out the door and on with your busy life.”

For more information about Smoothie King, visit their website at or visit them on Facebook at SKManhattanKS.