OrgSync to be replaced with new managing software in April


By the spring semester, Kansas State will no longer utilize OrgSync software to manage student organizations, instead switching to a new managing platform called Engage.

Following a company merger, the managing platforms OrgSync and Campus Labs are working to create a new platform that combines their strengths, naming it Engage. As a result, schools using either platform are being asked to transition.

Currently, OrgSync is used to keep track of student organizations and provide an easy way for officers to communicate with club members.

Originally, K-State planned to make the switch to Engage over the summer to coincide with changes in the Center for Student Involvement. The plan was delayed because the new program was not ready.

“We still hope to make the transition to Engage in April, if it is ready when we do our annual organization registration,” said Bill Harlan, director for the Center of Student Involvement.

Harlan said Engage will offer different features from OrgSync with little cost to familiarity.

“The new platform should feature several great improvements for student organizations and other departments while keeping all of the features we have come to appreciate about OrgSync,” Harlan said.

All existing information on OrgSync — including files, forms, membership data and events — is expected to be imported into Engage, making the transition as smooth as possible for organizations, Harlan said.

Audrey King, advisor for Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and agricultural communications instructor, said she looks forward to the switch to Engage despite the unfortunate timing.

“I have not heard much about the switch, but I am excited to see how Engage will cooperate with K-State 360,” King said. “However, it does come at a slightly inconvenient time because of the changes organizations are going through with the regulations and distinctions the university is providing us with.”

Cassidy Schlessiger, secretary of Collegiate Cattlemen and junior in animal sciences and industry, said the change will be positive for most organizations.

“It feels exciting that students will have the opportunity to discover and engage with more clubs than they currently do,” Schlessiger said.

Amber Kelly, president of Collegiate 4-H and junior in agricultural communications and journalism, said the new platform is a chance for organizations to attract new members.

“The new system is a lot better because it is designed to assist in resume planning, which will benefit every student at Kansas State,” Kelly said. “Collegiate 4-H will be adding events into the new system that everyone is welcome to attend and get [K-State 360] points for.”