News Briefs: Oct. 20


The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will collect canned food donations outside of Bill Snyder Family Stadium before Saturday’s football game. Student athletes will walk around collecting the cans for the Flint Hills Bread Basket, a local organization that helps feed the hungry in Riley County. According to the Salina Post, the SAAC hopes to reach their fundraising goal of 5,000 pounds of food this year.

George W. Bush delivered a condemnation of “nationalism turned nativism” in a speech in New York City on Thursday. According to CNN, former president Bush never mentioned President Donald Trump by name, but criticism of his philosophy was present throughout the address. Bush said “bigotry seems emboldened” in today’s America, with public discourse “degraded by casual cruelty.”

Puerto Rico continues to recover after the damage caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria. President Trump stated Thursday that he rated his administration’s aid response a “10 out of 10.” According to CNN, approximately one million people are still without running water and three million lack power, but President Trump contends that Puerto Rico faced destruction worse than that of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the federal response was much better this time.

Missouri proposed an innovation corridor for Amazon, suggesting that they build a headquarters in both Kansas City and St. Louis rather than building a single base of operations. According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, the 240 mile distance could be shortened by a proposed high-speed, train-like Hyperloop track connecting the two cities, shortening commute time to 25 minutes. The Amazon headquarters could bring as many as 50,000 jobs to the Midwest.

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