News Briefs: Oct. 23


Two students at the University of Kansas have been arrested and charged with rape. According to the University Daily Kansan, a female student reported two sexual assaults by two male acquaintances in her dorm room at Downs Residence Hall, both occurring Saturday morning. James Anguiano, deputy police chief for the KU Police, said it is department policy not to release the names of suspects or individuals involved in the alleged assaults.

The Pentagon is investigating the details surrounding an ambush in Niger that occurred earlier this month. At the heart of the investigation is the question of whether American soldiers embarked on an unapproved mission during a reconnaissance patrol Oct. 4. According to The New York Times, accounts from Nigerien soldiers differ from those of American soldiers. Nigerien military officials maintain that a convoy of 50 soldiers, both American and Nigerien, “gave chase” to a group of armed Islamic insurgents until they crossed into Mali. American officials said the insurgents were “simply noticed” and not chased. Both accounts maintain the convoy was later attacked in an ambush, killing four American soldiers and 4 Nigerien soldiers.

Public defenders in Kansas City, Missouri, are overburdened by high volumes of caseloads. According to the Kansas City Star, Ruth Petsch, head of the public defender’s Kansas City office, argued to a judge Thursday that her office cannot take on any more cases. No cases have been assigned to public defenders at the office since Oct. 16 as managing more cases than they can properly handle could cost them their licenses. Public defenders across Missouri face a similar problem due to lack of funding, leaving them with few options: lose their licenses for handling too many cases, face jail for contempt of court for refusing more cases or quit their jobs.

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