Gubernatorial candidate meets with College Republicans at K-State

Jim Barnett visited with Kansas State students in Manhattan, Kan. on Oct. 23, 2017. (Photo by Olivia Rogers | Collegian Media Group)

Dr. Jim Barnett, practicing physician and candidate for state governor, visited the College Republicans at Kansas State on Monday. Barnett previously ran for state governor in 2006, winning the Republican nomination.

Barnett said he grew up on a farm at the edge of the Flint Hills in Reading, Kansas, before going into medicine. His public service experience includes school board activities and a position as state senator from 2001 to 2010.

Barnett is touring Kansas in an effort to understand regional differences and determine how to unify the state into “#OneKansas,” the tagline of his campaign.

“What we really need is economic growth,” Barnett said.

Students in the College Republicans at K-State asked Barnett about the methods he would use to grow the economy and balance the state budget. Barnett explained that Kansas needs a functional government, expanded Medicaid and practical education.

“What I’d look for in the next governor is someone who is deeply-rooted in the principles, while having the ability to work with Congress to achieve bipartisan solutions to problems,” said Taylor Latham, senior in finance and president of the College Republicans at K-State.

Barnett said his goal is to attract and develop young professionals by tailoring education to fit the needs of businesses.

“The most important job is helping the state’s economy grow and bring higher-paying jobs and make Kansas a place where young people want to live, work and raise a family,” Barnett said. “Only as one Kansas can we unite and solve problems.”

Barnett is the third gubernatorial candidate to visit Manhattan this year after Mark Hutton and Ed O’Malley.

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