Oct. 25 Service Inspections: Green Tea Sushi and Varsity Donuts


Green Tea Sushi

1120 Laramie St.

Date: Oct. 20, 2017

Reason: Licensing

Result: Out of compliance

3-302.11(A)(1)(a) On wire racks in the walk-in cooler, there was an open box of raw, crispy wrapped shrimp stored directly above an open box of individually wrapped heads of lettuce. Corrected on-site, removed the raw shrimp. (Note: no leakage detected).

3-302.11(A)(1)(b) On wire racks in the walk-in cooler, there were three sealed packages of raw salmon and one plastic container of raw beef (covered with plastic wrap) being stored directly above six plastic food-grade buckets of ready-to-eat mayo (closed lids), a bowl of cooked ready-to-eat rice (wrapped with plastic wrap) and one plastic food-grade bucket of sauce for miso soup (closed lid). Corrected on-site, rearranged the items. (Note: no leakage detected). On wire racks in the small Pepsi reach-in cooler, there was a plastic container with individually wrapped bundles of raw red snapper and raw tuna being stored directly above a plastic food-grade bucket of ready-to-eat spicy mayo (closed lid). Corrected on-site, placed the raw seafood on the bottom shelf. (Note: no leakage detected).

3-501.14(A)(2) In the walk-in cooler, there was a large metal bowl with cooked rice at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. The person in charge said the rice was made last night. The ambient air temperature of the unit was reading 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The rice was not able to cool down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within six hours. Corrected on-site, discarded.

4-601.11(A) On the clean utensil rack, there were two black plastic containers with dried food debris on the inside and outside. The containers were stacked clean. Corrected on-site, moved back to the ware wash area.

4-602.11(E)(4) Inside of the ice machine, there is mold on the plastic ice deflector and on the sides.

7-201.11(A) On a shelf behind the front register there was a working spray bottle of glass cleaner and a working spray bottle of Fantastik Heavy Duty All-Purpose Cleaner being stored directly next to four boxes of toothpicks. Below the sushi bar there were three cans of gas being stored directly next to a plastic food-grade bucket of ginger. Corrected on-site, removed the chemicals. (Note: no leakage detected).

Varsity Donuts

704 N. Manhattan Ave.

Date: Oct. 11, 2017

Reason: Routine

Result: In compliance

4-601.11(A) On the clean dish storage shelving and rack, the large whisk attachment, plastic Cambro and metal mixing bowl had dried on food debris. Corrected on-site, all items were washed.

5-203.14 On the mop sink faucet, there is a wye shutoff valve attached after the atmospheric vacuum breaker with two hoses attached. One hose goes to the chemical dispenser that has an air gap, but the other is just a hose with no back-flow prevention. Corrected on-site, the hose was unhooked and the inspector showed/emailed a photo of the back-flow preventer that is needed.

4-202.11(A)(1) On the clean dish storage rack/shelving, eight spatulas were cracked/chipped and one plastic Cambro dish was melted. Corrected on-site, the Cambro was discarded and the spatulas were trimmed/discarded.

3-302.12 Above the glazing table, a container with a white, granular substance and a container of tan, granular substance had no common name on the containers. The employees said it was sugar and cinnamon and labeled the containers

6-202.13(B)(1) There were four sticky fly traps hanging directly above the prep table. Corrected on-site, the fly traps were removed.

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