SGA approves fine arts funding increase


The Student Governing Association voted to approve an increase for the fine arts organizations funding through privilege fee funds during their weekly meeting Thursday evening.

The fine arts privilege fee will now receive a budget increase of $5,000 to its current budget of $322,700. Until its next review prior to the 2022 fiscal year, organizations funded by the fine arts privilege fee will uperate under a budget of $327,700. These organizations include McCain Auditorium, the International Student Center, the departments of art, English and music, various student organizations and the College of Architecture, Planning and Design.

The KSUnite event, happening on Tuesday, was also a topic of discussion. The event aims to promote unity, cultural and racial inclusion.

“This is a really important issue we need to come together and face as a family,” said Jack Ayres, student body president and senior in chemical engineering. “K-State needs everyone to be dedicated to making our campus one big family again.”

The event will take place Tuesday from 1-3 p.m in front of Anderson Hall. SGA plans to sell shirts for $5 during the event.

The senate also introduced a resolution to recommend that university president Richard B. Myers make centralized, needs-based scholarships a priority in fundraising campaigns with the K-State Foundation to prevent further drops in enrollment.

“The rising cost of tuition and the decreasing ability of students to pay is a contributory factor to Kansas State University’s 8 percent enrollment decline in three years,” the resolution reads.

Other legislation that was introduced includes amendments to the Privilege Fee Committee’s regulations on spending guidelines, the duties of the student tribunal, the duties of SGA’s treasurer and by-laws concerning the University Allocations Committee, the College Allocations Committee and the Executive Committee.

The senate commended Mario Garcia III, senior in family studies, and Paige Engle, junior in public relations, for representing K-State and the Alumni Association as the K-State student ambassadors for 2017.

The Kansas State University Soil Judging team also received a commendation from the senate for placing second at the 2017 Region 5 Soil Judging Contest in South Dakota, qualifying them for the national soil judging competition in the spring.