‘Font-astic’ workshop teaches students to create fonts, typefaces


Kansas State students were invited to a lunchtime workshop in Willard Hall on Friday to learn how to create their own fonts and typefaces.

The workshop was part of the Lunch and Learn Series, a new workshop series hosted by graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. For many of the fourteen students who attended, the workshop was a chance to find out how fonts are created.

“I have wanted to make fonts for a long time, but haven’t known how,” Emilee Clemons, freshman in fine arts, said. “I love hand-lettering, but now that I know how, I can use it on my blog.”

Luke Pearson, sophomore in graphic design, said he had previously attended another workshop on pattern making as part of the Lunch and Learn Series. The font workshop was an opportunity to see what more he could learn.

“It is always good to learn more and stay ahead of the game,” Pearson said.

The creation process started with creating an account on Calligraphr.com. Then, students drew or painted their own letters and characters on templates printed out from the website. The templates were then uploaded and converted into digital fonts for students to download.

Once uploaded, students could adjust their font’s letter and word spacing.

Mauresa Mitchell, graduate student in graphic design, hosted the workshop. Mitchell said she hopes students will “expand their skills and knowledge” by attending the workshops in the Lunch and Learn Series.

“The workshops are an opportunity to teach more creative freelance not offered in courses, and are open to anyone,” Mitchell said.

The next workshop in the Lunch and Learn Series will be held Dec. 1. The topic of the workshop will be learning how to screen print a holiday card.