OPINION: Gifts to give your parents this holiday season


It’s that time of year again: the hurried craze to find your parents the perfect gift has begun. With kids already in college, it may be hard to think of anything else your parents would want that they haven’t already gotten. Here is a list every Kansas State student can fall back on if you can’t think of anything your parents would want this year.

1. Yeti coffee mug

For any coffee-loving parents, this will be a sure hit. The tumblers were already used primarily for coffee, so Yeti decided to finally design an insulated cup in the shape of a coffee mug.

2. Wet shaving kit

If your dad is one to fall in love with anything from the past, this is the perfect gift for him. This old-fashioned shaving kit has everything you need for a finer, simpler shave. It is fixed with a safety razor, shaving brush and stand.

3. Music subscriptions

Nothing is better than the gift of music. With a subscription to their favorite music service, they will be able to play any song they desire and access infinite amounts of playlists, all without the hassle of advertisements.

4. Beer can chicken rack

If your dad thinks he’s the town’s baddest grill master, this is an inexpensive gift that will be sure to impress him. This will be his new favorite way to deliciously roast chicken using this metal rack that is inserted into the cavity of the chicken, using his favorite beverage to marinate the meat.

5. Gift cards for their favorite restaurant

Who wouldn’t love a night out at their favorite restaurant for free? Although this is basic, it takes some thought and is something you know your parents will use and appreciate.

6. Candles

Some of the most anticipated things about the holiday season are the sights, sounds and especially smells. Ring in the holiday spirit with a new candle any parent would love.

7. Books

Nothing makes a better gift than a book. Pick out something that will suit your parents’ interests, and it is sure to go over well. Check out The New York Times Best Sellers list for ideas, and to the freshmen: there is no harm in re-gifting the common read (as long as it’s not too worn).

8. National Geographic subscription

With this subscription, your parents can eagerly look forward to discovering a new part of the world each month. It is undoubtedly the cheapest way to travel!

9. Amazon Echo Dot

Nothing can “wow” people quite like the latest and greatest technology, and the Amazon Echo Dot can do just that for under $50. It can do nearly everything from making calls to playing music, or even ordering pizza. This is a cool personal assistant that will make your parents’ life easier.

10. K-State memorabilia

Don’t forget, you are not the only one investing in K-State. Your parents also feel attached to the university since their children spend a significant amount of time there, and they would love some K-State gear to help them show off their pride. You can’t lose with a cool new sweater for Dad or getting Mom a comfy blanket.

Oh, and one more thing: no matter what you end up getting your parents, perhaps the most overlooked part of giving a gift is a handwritten card. Nothing will make their Christmas more than a note showing that you care.

Garrhett Hurst is a sophomore in mass communications. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to opinion@kstatecollegian.com.