50th annual Swine Day showcases agricultural research


The animal sciences and industry department held the 50th annual Swine Day at the Alumni Center on Thursday to present research conducted by the Kansas State Swine Team.

Swine Day first began in 1968. Since then, the Swine Team has conducted more than 1,000 experiments with thousands of pigs.

More than 400 students and swine producers attended this year’s event, which began with an update on K-State’s research on swine nutrition.

“It is an opportunity for a lot of the Kansas producers and the industry people to come together in one sport and have the dialogue and have the interactions with each other,” said Jason Woodworth, research associate professor in animal sciences and industry.

Students were also encouraged to attend Swine Day.

“Many of our partners across the country come to meet a lot of the students,” said Joel DeRouchey, professor in animal sciences and industry. “A lot of the people who are looking to hire future students will come to this event because they will have a good opportunity to visit with students.”

Stakeholders were invited to come and participate in the trade show that happens in conjunction with Swine Day.

“Swine Day is one of the two major days that we sponsor throughout the year with the Kansas State University Swine Team,” Tim Stroda, CEO of Kansas Pork Producers, said. “Farmers come to Manhattan, they get the opportunity to learn what the new research is going on at K-State, they get to see all the new products at the trade show and they get to have a good time talking to their peers from across the state.”

Producers were also invited to come to the event. Kent Condray, a swine producer from Clifton, Kansas, said he has been coming to Swine Day on and off since 1974.

“It introduces new technologies, new things happening in the swine industry and what research K-State is doing to help enhance the industry,” Condray said.