Political matters: Model UN team participates in international competition


Most K-Staters will be going home to enjoy food and family this week, but there will be some students who will be spending their fall break heading to Chicago and participating in a Model United Nations competition.

Political Science 401 is a Model UN class where students can participate in competitions and debates over political topics that replicate the inner workings of the real United Nations.

The American Model United Nations is a non-profit educational organization that hosts an annual International Collegiate Conference for Model UN teams. This year is their 28th annual conference, which is being held in Chicago.

The K-State Model UN team is ready to tackle this competition head on. William Moore, treasurer of K-State Model UN and sophomore in economics, said the team will be representing Venezuela and Cambodia at this competition.

“I am very excited for this competition,” Moore said. “This is my second AMUN competition and the second time I get to represent Venezuela.”

Andrew Le, president of K-State Model UN and junior in political science and international studies, said the team has been training in a fun manner.

“We do mock debates, or sparring, which I think is everyone’s favorite,” Le said. “We usually pick out two topics, sometimes humorous topics, and have two teams debate for each side.”

Moore said they also take out some class time to go over rules, practice speeches and learn how to write resolutions. This is also a time to work on their public speaking skills and get people out of their shells.

Le said the group only meets once a week, which makes it tough to get the team motivated and excited.

“I feel like the first timers, just like myself last year,” Le said. “I feel like you get the hang of things after the conference.”

At the International Collegiate Conference, awards are handed out to different teams. Le said K-State has brought home some minor awards, but he is hoping this year the team can bring home major accolades.

The International Collegiate Conference is not the only major event the Model UN team has in store for this year. The Model UN team is also planning on hosting its own event in the spring.

“This will be a great opportunity for students that want to get into Model UN, to start in a smaller setting,” Moore said.

Le said anyone who is interested in competing, planning or running the Model UN competition this spring can contact him via email at Andrew95Le@gmail.com.