Let’s predict: Bowl games

The Kansas State Wildcats football team played the Oklahoma State University Cowboys at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Okla. on Nov. 18, 2017. The Wildcats went on to win with a final score of 45-40. (Photo by Justin Wright | Collegian Media Group)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Bowl games!

This year, 10 sports editors and directors from the Big 12 sat down and wrote out their bowl game and national championship predictions. As the time gets closer and the plot thickens, the editors and directors were able to guess what could happen.

This year’s panel includes:

DeAundra Allen, @DeAundraAl: co-editor-in-chief and sports editor, The Collegian

Ryan Black, @RyanABlack: sports editor, The Mercury

Shelton Burch, @poet598: sports editor, Dodge City Daily Globe

Dusty Deines, @dusty40: sports director, KDNS-FM/KD Country 94

Tim Everson, @iamtimeverson: sports editor, Iola Register

Sean Frye, @SeanEFrye: sports editor, Parsons Sun

Nathan Keil, @Nathan_Nation: sports editor, Baylor Lariat

Cutler Klein, @CutlerKlein: sports editor, Vanderbilt Hustler

Jeff Martin, @JayMart: managing editor, K-State Online

Derek Skillett, @derek_skillett: sports editor, Junction City Daily Union

A special thank you to all editors and directors that participated.

New Orleans Bowl

Allen: Southern Miss vs. Troy

Black: Southern Miss vs. Georgia State

Burch: New Mexico State vs. Western Kentucky

Deines: Appalachian State vs. Marshall

Everson: Southern Miss vs Troy

Frye: Southern Miss vs. Troy

Keil: UAB vs. Troy

Klein:Louisiana-Lafayette vs. UTSA

Martin: Southern Miss. vs. Troy

Skillett: Marshall vs. Appalachian State

AutoNation Cure Bowl

Allen: Akron vs. UL Lafayette

Black: Appalachian State vs. Tulane

Burch: East Carolina vs. Georgia State

Deines: Western Kentucky vs. Georgia State

Everson: Akron vs UL Lafayette

Frye: Utah State vs. Appalachian State

Keil: Arkansas State vs. Temple

Klein: Temple vs. App State

Martin: Appalachian State vs. South Florida

Skillett: Western Kentucky vs. Georgia State

Las Vegas Bowl

Allen: Boise State vs. Arizona State

Black: Boise State vs. Arizona State

Burch: Utah vs. Utah State

Deines: Boise State vs. Arizona State

Everson: California vs Boise State

Frye: Oregon vs. Boise State

Keil: UCLA vs. Boise State

Klein: UNLV vs. Cal

Martin: Boise State vs. Arizona State

Skillett: Boise State vs. Oregon

New Mexico Bowl

Allen: UAB vs. San Diego State

Black: UAB vs. San Diego State

Burch: Southern Miss vs. San Diego State

Deines: FAU vs. San Diego State

Everson: UAB vs Colorado State

Frye: San Diego State vs. FAU

Keil: Florida International vs. Wyoming

Klein: Utah State vs. MTSU

Martin: UTSA vs. San Diego State

Skillett: Florida Atlantic vs. San Diego State

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl

Allen: Akron vs. Georgia State

Black: Akron vs. Arkansas State

Burch: Ohio vs. Appalachian State

Deines: Northern Illinois vs. Arkansas State

Everson: Northern Illinois vs Georgia State

Frye: Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois

Keil: Akron vs. Appalachian State

Klein: Akron vs. Georgia State

Martin: Toledo vs. Georgia State

Skillett: Northern Illinois vs. Arkansas State

Boca Raton Bowl

Allen: Temple vs. FIU

Black: Temple vs. Florida International

Burch: Marshall vs. Connecticut

Deines: Temple vs. Southern Miss

Everson: Temple vs FAU

Frye: Temple vs. Old Dominion

Keil: Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan

Klein: Houston vs. Western Kentucky

Martin: Temple vs. FIU

Skillett: Temple vs. Southern Miss.

Frisco Bowl

Allen: Tulane vs. Utah

Black: Houston vs. Central Michigan

Burch: Tulane vs. Florida International

Deines: Memphis vs. Utah State

Everson: Houston vs UNLV

Frye: Tulane vs. Utah

Keil: Houston vs. Utah

Klein: Navy vs. Louisiana Tech

Martin: Houston vs. Middle Tennessee

Skillett: Memphis vs. Utah State

Gasparilla Bowl

Allen: UAB vs. Tulane

Black: South Florida vs. Florida Atlantic

Burch: UAB vs. Temple

Deines: Houston vs. UAB

Everson: South Florida vs UNT

Frye: Houston vs. Marshall

Keil: Memphis vs. North Texas

Klein: UAB vs. Tulane

Martin: Akron vs. Marshall

Skillett: Houston vs. UAB

Bahamas Bowl

Allen: Marshall vs. Ohio

Black: Western Kentucky vs. Northern Illinois

Burch: North Texas vs. Northern Illinois

Deines: FIU vs. Western Michigan

Everson: Marshall vs FIU

Frye: Central Michigan vs. FIU

Keil: Marshall vs. Ohio

Klein: Florida International vs. Buffalo

Martin: Northern Illinois vs. FAU

Skillett: Florida International vs. Western Michigan

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Allen: Western Michigan vs. Wyoming

Black: Western Michigan vs. Wyoming

Burch: Wyoming vs. SMU

Deines: Toledo vs. Wyoming

Everson: Western Michigan vs Wyoming

Frye: Wyoming vs. Toledo

Keil: Northern Illinois vs. San Diego State

Klein: Western Michigan vs. Colorado State

Martin: CMU vs. Colorado State

Skillett: Toledo vs. Fresno State

Birmingham Bowl

Allen: Ole Miss vs. Houston

Black: Memphis vs. Louisiana Tech

Burch: Ole Miss vs. Houston

Deines: UCLA vs. USF

Everson: Memphis vs Arkansas State

Frye: Western Kentucky vs. Memphis

Keil: South Florida vs. Missouri

Klein: Missouri vs. Oregon

Martin: Boston College vs. Memphis

Skillett: South Florida vs. Louisiana Tech

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

Allen: Army vs. UT-San Antonio

Black: Army vs. UT-San Antonio

Burch: Army vs. Florida Atlantic

Deines: Army vs. North Texas

Everson: Army vs UT-San Antonio

Frye: Utah vs. Army

Keil: Middle Tennessee vs. Army

Klein: Army vs. Marshall

Martin: Army vs. Oregon

Skillett: North Texas vs. Army

Dollar General Bowl

Allen: Akron vs. Georgia State

Black: Toledo vs. Marshall

Burch: Arkansas State vs. Akron

Deines: Ohio vs. Troy

Everson: Toledo vs Ohio

Frye: Akron vs. Georgia State

Keil: Toledo vs. Georgia State

Klein: Central Michigan vs. Arkansas State

Martin: Ohio vs. Arkansas State

Skillett: Ohio vs. Troy

Hawaii Bowl

Allen: SMU vs. Fresno State

Black: SMU vs. Fresno State

Burch: Fresno State vs. South Florida

Deines: SMU vs. Colorado State

Everson: SMU vs Fresno State

Frye: SMU vs. Fresno State

Keil: SMU vs. Fresno State

Klein: Memphis vs. Wyoming

Martin: SMU vs. Fresno State

Skillett: SMU vs. Colorado State

Heart of Dallas

Allen: Texas Tech vs. Purdue

Black: Cal vs. North Texas

Burch: Rutgers vs. Texas Tech

Deines: UTSA vs. Akron

Everson: Middle Tenn. vs UCLA

Frye: Kansas State vs. North Texas

Keil: Texas Tech vs. Indiana

Klein: Texas Tech vs. Purdue

Martin: Texas Tech vs. North Texas

Skillett: Texas Tech vs. UT-San Antonio

Quick Lane Bowl

Allen: Minnesota vs. Duke

Black: Utah State vs. Ohio

Burch: Maryland vs. Georgia Tech

Deines: Central Michigan vs. Virginia

Everson: Utah State vs Central Michigan

Frye: Western Michigan vs. Duke

Keil: Western Michigan vs. Old Dominion

Klein: Minnesota vs. Duke

Martin: Syracuse vs. Western Michigan

Skillett: Boston College vs. Central Michigan

Cactus Bowl

Allen: Kansas State vs. Oregon

Black: Kansas State vs. Oregon

Burch: Kansas State vs. UCLA

Deines: Kansas State vs. Oregon

Everson: Kansas State vs Oregon

Frye: Iowa State vs. Arizona State

Keil: Kansas State vs. Oregon

Klein: Kansas State vs. UCLA

Martin: Kansas State vs. Utah

Skillett: Kansas State vs. Arizona State

Independence Bowl

Allen: Flordia State vs. UCLA

Black: Florida State vs. UCLA

Burch: Duke vs. Missouri

Deines: Ole Miss vs. Middle Tennessee

Everson: Boston College vs Arizona State

Frye: Middle Tennessee vs. Florida State

Keil: Georgia Tech vs. Arkansas

Klein: Texas A&M vs. Georgia Tech

Martin: Florida State vs. UAB

Skillett: Georgia Tech vs. Middle Tennessee

Pinstripe Bowl

Allen: Iowa vs. Virginia

Black: Boston College vs. Minnesota

Burch: Virginia vs. Minnesota

Deines: Boston College vs. Utah

Everson: Wake Forest vs Iowa

Frye: Boston College vs. Temple

Keil: Virginia vs. Purdue

Klein: Iowa vs. Virginia

Martin: Georgia Tech vs. Iowa

Skillett: Florida State vs. Purdue

Foster Farms Bowl

Allen: Iowa vs. Stanford

Black: Michigan vs. Stanford

Burch: Arizona State vs. Purdue

Deines: Iowa vs. Stanford

Everson: Washington vs Purdue

Frye: Iowa vs. Stanford

Keil: Arizona vs. Utah State

Klein: Northwestern vs. Arizona State

Martin: Indiana vs. Washington

Skillett: Washington vs. Iowa

Texas Bowl

Allen: Iowa State vs. Texas A&M

Black: Iowa State vs. Texas A&M

Burch: Iowa State vs. Texas A&M

Deines: Texas vs. Kentucky

Everson: Iowa State vs Mississippi State

Frye: UCLA vs. Texas

Keil: Iowa State vs. Mississippi State

Klein: West Virginia vs. Kentucky

Martin: Texas vs. Cal

Skillett: Iowa State vs. Texas A&M

Military Bowl

Allen: Navy vs. Virginia

Black: Virginia vs. Navy

Burch: Navy vs. Florida State

Deines: Navy vs. Florida State

Everson: Navy vs Georgia

Frye: Virginia vs. Navy

Keil:Boston College vs. Navy

Klein:South Florida vs. Louisville

Martin:Virginia vs. Navy

Skillett: Virgina vs. Navy

Camping World

Allen: West Virginia vs. NC State

Black: Oklahoma State vs. NC State

Burch: West Virginia vs. Louisville

Deines: West Virginia vs. NC State

Everson: West Virginia vs NC State

Frye: Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma State

Keil: Virginia Tech vs. Texas

Klein: Iowa State vs. Wake Forest

Martin: Iowa State vs. N.C. State

Skillett: NC State vs. West Virginia

Alamo Bowl

Allen: Oklahoma State vs. Arizona

Black: TCU vs. Washington State

Burch: Oklahoma State vs. Arizona

Deines: Oklahoma State vs. Washington

Everson: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford

Frye: TCU vs. Washington

Keil: West Virginia vs. Stanford

Klein: Oklahoma State vs. Washington

Martin: TCU vs. Washington State

Skillett: Oklahoma State vs. Washington State

Holiday Bowl

Allen: Northwestern vs. Stanford

Black: Northwestern vs. Washington

Burch: Stanford vs. Michigan

Deines: Arizona vs. Michigan

Everson: Washington State vs Michigan

Frye: Northwestern vs. Washington State

Keil: Washington State vs. Iowa

Klein: Arizona vs. Michigan

Martin: Northwestern vs. Stanford

Skillett: Stanford vs. Michigan

Belk Bowl

Allen: Wake Forest vs. Kentucky

Black: Wake Forest vs. Kentucky

Burch: Wake Forest vs. Kentucky

Deines: South Carolina vs. Wake Forest

Everson: Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State

Frye: Missouri vs. Wake Forest

Keil: Louisville vs. Texas A&M

Klein: Mississippi State vs. NC State

Martin: Wake Forest vs. Kentucky

Skillett: Wake Forest vs. South Carolina

Sun Bowl

Allen: Louisville vs. Arizona

Black: Louisville vs. Arizona

Burch: Virginia Tech vs. Washington State

Deines: Washington State vs. Louisville

Everson: Arizona vs Louisville

Frye: Louisville vs. Arizona

Keil:Arizona State vs. Wake Forest

Klein:Washington State vs. Virginia Tech

Martin: Louisville vs. Arizona

Skillett: Louisville vs. Arizona

Music City Bowl

Allen: South Carolina vs. Indiana

Black: Iowa vs. Missouri

Burch: South Carolina vs. Iowa

Deines: Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech

Everson: Northwestern vs Kentucky

Frye:South Carolina vs. Indiana

Keil:Kentucky vs. Minnesota

Klein:South Carolina vs. Michigan State

Martin:Texas A&M vs. Iowa

Skillett: Northwestern vs. Kentucky

Arizona Bowl

Allen: Colorado State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Black: Colorado State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Burch: Boise State vs. Troy

Deines: New Mexico State vs. Fresno State

Everson: San Diego State vs New Mexico State

Frye: Colorado State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Keil: Colorado State vs. UT- San Antonio

Klein: Florida Atlantic vs. Boise State

Martin: New Mexico State vs. Wyoming

Skillett: Wyoming vs. New Mexico State

Cotton Bowl

Allen: Auburn vs. Notre Dame

Black: Notre Dame vs. Penn State

Burch: TCU vs. Memphis

Deines: Notre Dame vs. TCU

Everson: Ohio State vs Notre Dame

Frye: Penn State vs. Notre Dame

Keil: Wisconsin vs. Oklahoma State

Klein: Ohio State vs. UCF

Martin: Auburn vs. Notre Dame

Skillett: TCU vs. Auburn

TaxSlayer Bowl

Allen: LSU vs. Virginia Tech

Black: LSU vs. Virginia Tech

Burch: LSU vs. Northwestern

Deines: Missouri vs. Northwestern

Everson: Virginia vs Texas A&M

Frye: Texas A&M vs. NC State

Keil: Michigan vs. LSU

Klein: LSU vs. North Texas

Martin: LSU vs. Virginia Tech

Skillett: Virginia Tech vs. UCLA

Liberty Bowl

Allen: Texas vs. Miss State

Black: Texas vs. Middle Tennessee State

Burch: Texas vs. Miss State

Deines: Iowa State vs. Texas A&M

Everson: Texas vs Missouri

Frye: Kentucky vs. West Virginia

Keil: South Carolina vs. Northwestern

Martin: West Virginia vs. Missouri

Skillett: Texas vs. Missouri

Fiesta Bowl

Allen: USC vs. UCF

Black: Ohio State vs. Southern Cal

Burch: USC vs. UCF

Deines: USC vs. Penn State

Everson: USC vs UCF

Frye: Ohio State vs. USC

Keil: USC vs. TCU

Klein: Stanford vs. Georgia

Martin: USC vs. Oklahoma State

Skillett: Ohio State vs. USC

Orange Bowl

Allen: Clemson vs. Georgia

Black: Clemson vs. Georgia

Burch: NC State vs. Notre Dame

Deines: Miami vs. Wisconsin

Everson: Clemson vs. Georgia

Frye: Georgia vs. Clemson

Keil: Clemson vs. Notre Dame

Klein: Clemson vs. Penn State

Martin: Clemson vs. Georgia

Skillett: Clemson vs. Notre Dame

Outback Bowl

Allen: Michigan vs. South Carolina

Black: Purdue vs. South Carolina

Burch: Penn State vs. Michigan State

Deines: Michigan State vs. LSU

Everson: Auburn vs LSU

Frye: LSU vs. Michigan

Keil:Auburn vs. Michigan State

Martin:Michigan vs. South Carolina

Skillett: LSU vs. Michigan State

Peach Bowl

Allen: UCF vs. Auburn

Black: UCF vs. Auburn

Burch: Auburn vs. Ohio State

Deines: Georgia vs. UCF

Everson: TCU vs Penn State

Frye: Auburn vs. UCF

Keil: Penn State vs. UCF

Klein: USC vs. Auburn

Martin: UCF vs. Ohio State

Skillett: Georgia vs. UCF

Citrus Bowl

Allen: Michigan State vs. Mississippi State

Black: Michigan State vs. Mississippi State

Burch: Miami vs. Georgia

Deines: Auburn vs. Virginia Tech

Everson: Auburn vs Michigan State

Frye: Michigan State vs. Auburn

Keil: NC State vs. Georgia

Martin: Mississippi State vs. Penn State

Skillett: Mississippi State vs. Penn State

Big 12 Championship

Allen: Oklahoma vs. TCU

Black: Oklahoma vs. TCU

Burch: Oklahoma vs. TCU

Deines: Oklahoma vs. TCU

Everson: Oklahoma vs. TCU

Keil: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

Klein: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

Rose Bowl

Allen: Miami vs. Oklahoma

Black: Miami vs. Wisconsin

Burch: Alabama vs. Wisconsin

Deines: Clemson vs. Oklahoma

Everson: Wisconsin vs. Oklahoma

Frye: Oklahoma vs. Miami

Keil: Miami vs. Oklahoma

Klein: Miami vs. Wisconsin

Martin: Miami vs. Oklahoma

Skillett: Miami vs. Oklahoma

Sugar Bowl

Allen: Alabama vs. Clemson

Black: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Burch: Clemson vs. Oklahoma

Deines: Alabama vs. Ohio State

Everson: Alabama vs. Clemson

Frye: Alabama vs. Wisconsin

Keil: Alabama vs. Ohio State

Klein: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Martin: Alabama vs. Wisconsin

Skillett: Alabama vs. Wisconsin

National Championship

Allen: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Black: Alabama vs. Miami

Burch: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Deines: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Everson: Alabama vs. Wisconsin

Frye: Oklahoma vs. Alabama

Keil: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Klein: Alabama vs. Miami

Martin: Alabama vs. Wisconsin

Skillett: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

DeAundra Allen
I'm DeAundra Allen, co-editor-in-chief and sports editor at the Collegian. I'm a junior in broadcast journalism and pre-law, with a minor in philosophy. I was born in Brighton, Colorado, home of La Placita and the Bulldogs. I moved to Kansas in 2010, and fell in love with press boxes at a young age. In my spare time, I talk about my pets, sports, and work towards going to law school.