Teenage gubernatorial candidate visits K-State College Republicans

Dominic Scavuzzo, GOP candidate for Kansas governor, speaks to the college rebulicnas at Kansas State in the student union on Dec. 3, 2017. (Photo by Justin Wright | Collegian Media Group)

Dominic Scavuzzo, a senior at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri, sat down for a Q&A session with the College Republicans at Kansas State. Scavuzzo,17, is one of three other teenagers currently running for state governor.

“I’ve been interested in politics for forever,” Scavuzzo said. He laughed as he recalled tuning in to CNN at age 11.

After attending Boys State, a government instruction program for politically-inclined high school students, Scavuzzo said he realized there are many avenues for young people to get involved in politics. The problem was that no one was taking advantage of these avenues, he said.

Scavuzzo said he decided to jump into the middle of things and become as involved as possible by running for governor since the state of Kansas sets no age restrictions for the gubernatorial office.

Scavuzzo wants his candidacy to inspire other high school students to take an interest and passion in applying information and knowledge.

“I walk around school now and guys ask me, ‘What are you doing now?'” Scavuzzo said. “They care now.”

Scavuzzo’s campaign focuses on transparency in government and education.

“We need to fix how we fund each school district to make sure each is adequately funded,” Scavuzzo said.

Currently, Scavuzzo is working to obtain enough signatures to get his name on the ballot. He plans to mobilize efforts over winter break.

Scavuzzo emphasized that he thinks it is important for youth to get involved in politics.

“The younger generation is not heard,” Scavuzzo said. “A youth movement would be good for the nation.”

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