The real question: will Snyder return?

Head coach Bill Snyder, recieves the Cactus bowl champion trophy after the game between K-State and UCLA in Phoenix, Arizona on Dec. 26, 2017. (Photo by Cooper Kinley | K-State Athletics / Collegian Media Group)

Everyone wants to know: will Kansas State’s beloved head football coach Bill Snyder return for next year?

My prediction: yes, and here’s why I think so.

Please remember this is all a prediction. Snyder has yet to give a definite answer; he has only reiterated he is in the process of decision making.

What multiple people caught onto during a pre-bowl game press conference in Manhattan was a small minor slip that only those who really paid attention could catch.

Interestingly enough, Snyder answered that he was close to naming the 10th assistant for next year’s staff. Snyder continued to answer the question, saying that he was “pretty sure” who he was going to select, but was not 100 percent ready to announce whom the individual was.

Why does that stick out?

A coach that isn’t returning next season doesn’t typically make that call. The coaches that do make that decision are ones that are returning.

Shortly after the press conference, athletic director Gene Taylor came in to talk to the media. Taylor kept talking about how impressed he has been with Snyder, how active he had been and how he hasn’t missed a single practice.

Taylor says he expects Snyder back for 2018.

Multiple sources have said Snyder will be returning for the 2018 season. On two different occasions now, Snyder has only reiterated that he is “in the process of making the decision.”

It is still very obvious that Snyder cares deeply about his team and staff; there is no doubt about it. Even at 78, his sharp mind and quick wit shines through on many occasions. Snyder had a rather interesting background, but he was able to become a role model quickly for many individuals.

With a rather young roster, Snyder still has many individuals to leave a mark on, which could be another motive to stay at K-State for another year. For some individuals, having Snyder coach them is a major part of the reason that they chose K-State. Plus, he has two young quarterbacks returning next year. That can make him think twice as well.

I feel that the only way that Snyder’s return would be a no will be if his health degrades. During last offseason, Snyder was diagnosed with throat cancer. As far as recovery goes, he’s been doing just fine.

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I'm DeAundra Allen, co-editor-in-chief and sports editor at the Collegian. I'm a junior in broadcast journalism and pre-law, with a minor in philosophy. I was born in Brighton, Colorado, home of La Placita and the Bulldogs. I moved to Kansas in 2010, and fell in love with press boxes at a young age. In my spare time, I talk about my pets, sports, and work towards going to law school.