Lafene confirms 72 cases of influenza this year

Flu season this year is hitting everyone hard. Make sure you take the best precautions this season to stay healthy. (Logan Wassall | Collegian Media Group)

There have been 72 positive cases of influenza this year reported at Lafene, Abby King, nursing coordinator at Lafene Health Center, said.

Most of the cases treated at Lafene have been Kansas State students who test for a variation of type A and type B Influenza, King said.

While influenza can present in a variety of symptoms, Suzy Davis, nurse at Lafene, said students should look out for symptoms that manifest quickly. Common symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, congestion and headache. Even without symptoms, those infected can carry the virus and be contagious.

“It is pretty contagious because it can be transferred from person to person pretty easily, whether it be through a cough or by talking to someone in a close proximity,” King said.

Teri Robertson, nurse at Coffeyville Family Practice Clinic, contracted type B influenza.

“If someone thinks they have the flu, they should go see a medical provider and get tested,” Robertson said. “The reason is the flu and the cold can have some the same symptoms, but you treat them totally different.”

If students test positive for influenza, Lafene Health Center can administer an anti-viral medicine, but it must be taken within the first 48 hours of contracting the flu.

Davis said the best way to avoid contracting influenza is to “wash your hands and keep away from others who are sick” as well as to maintain a healthy lifestyle that develops a strong immune system.

“The flu vaccine is still available, and we are encouraging students to get it,” Davis said.

The influenza vaccine is available to students at Lafene Health Center for $22. The clinic reports it administered more than 1,800 vaccines this season.

For more information about treatment options for influenza or questions about other prevention tactics, check out the Lafene Health Center website or call to schedule an appointment.