Kansas State graduate lives the big life in the Big Apple


Transitioning to the Big Apple from the Little Apple may seem like a big leap, but Megan Herren, 2015 Kansas State graduate, said the move was just what she needed to make her dream a reality.

Herren presented “How I Landed My Job” lecture Monday in the Kedzie Hall Library to share advice to students searching for a career in public relations as well as to offer words of encouragement to those who want to seek out the big city life.

Herren graduated from K-State with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She is currently working for a New York-based marketing company called Laundry Service as a social media manager.

Laundry Service is a marketing group that offers content creation for big companies such as Amazon, Beats Electronics, BMW and several others.

While Herron said that moving to New York City from Manhattan, Kansas, is a big jump, she also said she believes that “it’s okay to just leave.”

Herron moved to New York City for an unpaid internship and no source of income. She said that her mother was nervous, but that didn’t stop her.

“Don’t ever be afraid to get out of your comfort zone,” Herren said. “I did it, and now I am living the job of my dreams.”

Mary White, senior in public relations, said she attended the event for inspirational purposes.

“It is always good to see what another person’s path was after college,” White said.

Herren had plenty of advice to offer to upcoming graduates about getting ready for the fast-track career path of public relations. She said you need to walk into any interview with confidence and with an “I-deserve-to-be-here mentality” and the agencies will “eat it up.”

Herren said it wasn’t always easy for her when she moved to New York City.

“I was very discouraged along my job searching journey,” Herren said. “I wanted to tell my mom I finally made it, and she just kept hearing of internships and no job.”

Herren said students pursuing a career in PR shouldn’t get discouraged because she believes that “if you work hard enough you will eventually land an amazing job like Laundry Service.”

“Seeing someone who has been out in the field for almost three years helps get a sense of what is needed in terms of analytics, audience and strategy,” said Sara Quinn, JMC instructor and R.M. Seaton Endowed Chair.

For more information about public relations and other related majors, check out the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication website.