A moment of mindfulness: Counseling Services holds free sessions for students

There were about 10 participants at the Moment of Mindfulness event on February 7, mediating on being mindful and having a time to relax. (Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

On Wednesday, Counseling Services hosted the first Moment of Mindfulness session, focused on mindful breathing.

The Moment of Mindfulness is a new program focus on aspects of mindful living, led by Sochanvimean Vannavuth, psychologist at Counseling Services, and Eugene Kogosov, psychology intern. The sessions are scheduled every Wednesday from now until May 9.

“We hope to provide a space to learn more and to practice mindfulness,” Vannavuth said. “The ultimate goal at the end of the day is for students to develop the practice on their own and to help them cope with difficult emotions that might come along and reduce their stress and anxiety in everyday life “

Each week, Vannavuth and Kogosov will address a different topic dealing with mindfulness, such as “love and kindness” and “self-compassion.”

“I thought it was great,” Sarah Neal, sophomore in kinesiology, said. “It was a really good reminder to slow down and reflect.”

Julia Alley, junior in fine arts, said that she was expecting to meditate and get to a relaxed state, and this had helped made her day a little brighter.

“I think i want to be more in touch with my emotions towards the people in my life,” Alley said.

A Moment of Mindfulness encourages health on the inside and out, allowing students to clear their minds and to listen to their bodies. something that is not always to top priority in school.

“Counseling Services has always been interested in mindfulness,” Vannavuth said. “And they have already seen the benefits of mindfulness, and they had just wanted to emphasize on it more.”

“The number one thing is to have the ability to be mindful and present in their everyday life,” Kogosov said.

Each weekly events are open to the Kansas State student body, at noon on Wednesdays in 232 English/Counseling Services.