Kiehl, Pitts: Expect more from your college experience


Jordan Kiehl, current chief of staff for the Student Governing Association and junior in industrial engineering, rallies students to expect more from Kansas State in her campaign for student body president alongside Lacy Pitts, student senator and junior in agricultural economics.

“Expect more of everything it takes to be a student,” Kiehl said. “Whether that’s expecting more out of your classes, out of your professors. More importantly, expecting more out of your student leaders, expecting more out of administration. Essentially, expecting more out of K-State.”

Kiehl and Pitts broke down exactly what students should expect more from in their three platforms: affordability, access and accountability.

In terms of affordability and access, Kiehl is pushing for a re-evaluation of the scholarship process and requirements to qualify for scholarships, namely the standard 3.5 GPA minimum requirement.

“That’s something that has been put in place, but hasn’t really been looked at,” Kiehl said. “There’s no reasoning as to why it’s a 3.5. Maybe it needs to be lowered. Maybe there are other requirements we should look at beyond just GPA.”

Kiehl also identifies the disconnect between students and SGA as a problem to be remedied through organization and communication.

“I’ve been in SGA for three years, and I still ask questions about it,” Kiehl said. “If that’s telling of me, that I’m still asking questions, then for the average student that’s not in it every single day, I can only imagine how much there is a lack of understanding of what we do.”

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