Moreland, Marshall: Engagement, unity, transparency


Together, they are focused on three clear-cut goals: engagement, unity and transparency.

Will Moreland, candidate for student body president and junior in agricultural technology management, is pushing a streamlined campaign with vice presidential candidate Sean Marshall, sophomore in political science.

Between the two, Moreland and Marshall have leadership experience in clubs, student senate committees and ambassador programs.

Their campaign platforms focus on encouraging students to get involved in campus activities and creating an environment conducive for communication and understanding.

To accomplish this, Moreland said the gap between the student body and the Student Governing Association needs to be bridged.

“I hate to say it, and I absolutely cannot speak for everybody, but for the most part, I feel like people who aren’t in Senate don’t know what goes on in Senate,” Moreland said. “That’s less than 200 people, less than 10 percent of campus, by far.”

To heal the disconnect between students and SGA, Moreland and Marshall hope to make student government more accessible with town hall-style forums and constant communication.

“We want to have these open forums where students don’t have to come to a senate meeting if they’re overwhelmed by that,” Moreland said. “I think all students have an opinion, but don’t know how or where to speak their voice.”

If elected, Moreland said he would be transparent about how student government officers are compensated for their work.

“I want to be straightforward with the student body if I get elected,” Moreland said. “It’s not about the money for me, but I do want people to know where their money is going.”

Moreland and Marshall’s campaign also includes textbook reform to provide students more affordable access to textbooks, lobbying in support of a multicultural student center, advocating for better lighting on and around campus and building rapport with the Board of Regents to lower tuition costs.

“I hope to have that relationship and make it well known how much the students here matter to me,” Moreland said. “The cost of tuition really affects so many people. Some people are literally crunching pennies to be here, and I want to be able to fight that.”

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