Is the new Snapchat update worth it?

This student is particularly upset with the new Snapchat update that came out recently (Photo Illustration by Olivia Bergmeier | Collegian Media Group)

Students all across Kansas State’s campus are buzzing about the new Snapchat update, and most say, they are not a fan.

Social media has become such a prominent part of college culture and is a main source of communication worldwide. With any change in an application that is used by large portions of the student body, there is bound to be shock.

Last week, Snapchat came out with a brand new layout and design, leaving a few users confused and displeased with the rebrand.

With a swipe to the left, users can access all Snapchat friends and their “stories.” Where stories from friends used to be is now replaced by sponsored and public stories.

Shelby Boso, sophomore in family studies and human services, said she was one of many K-State students who agree with the rest of the media world.

“I hate the new Snap; it’s very confusing,” Boso said. “I don’t like anything about it.”

Natasha Gooden, senior in apparel and textile marketing, said she also disapproves of the update.

“The old Snap was way more organized; they should just change it back,” Gooden said.

Annie Wilkerson, junior in interior architecture and product design, said she thinks the new update is too much too handle on a single side of the screen.

“It gets too complex, and you can’t find where your personal stories are versus the public ones,” Wilkerson said.

Madison Armbruster, senior in interior architecture and product design, said she doesn’t like the new update because she feels like it is so easy to accidentally tap on wrong names. Armbruster said she is also worried that her Snapchat friends may be receiving notifications from her that were not intended.