K-State Proud week promotes students helping students in financial need

K-State Proud t-shirts on display for purchase on the K-State Proud table in the Union on Feb. 25. (File photo courtesy of Collegian Media Group)

For the 12th year in a row, the Student Foundation helps Kansas State students stay on campus with K-State Proud campaign weeks.

Stationed in the K-State Student Union every day from now until Saturday, representatives from K-State Proud will be available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to receive donations for Student Opportunity Awards. With a donation of $20 or more, students will be given a K-State Proud T-shirt with this year’s logo on it.

Ethan Kallenberger, vice president of communications for Student Foundation and junior in chemistry, said he wished the student body “could hear a lot more of the success stories” from students who receive SOAs.

“There are so many just touching stories of people who have worked so hard for their education and so hard to get their degree, and I think people would be a lot more apt to donate or get involved with volunteering if they knew how much of a difference that made in those students’ life,” Kallenberger said.

Kallenberger said 100 percent of the student donations they receive during the K-State Proud campaigns go toward funding SOAs, and students receive these awards “on an application basis”.

“Our criteria for those awards are any student who is in real financial need to the point where they would have to leave K-State without that aid,” Kallenberger said.

Carolina Mach, co-director of communications for K-State Proud and senior in mass communications, said K-State Proud is just one of may ways to “invest back in the university” and in the student body.

“I’m involved with K-State Proud because I believe in what we are doing,” Mach said. “I believe that a financial crisis should not be the reason that someone doesn’t finish their degree. If there’s any way as a student that I can influence that and reshape that narrative, I want to take part in it.”

K-State Proud is K-State’s premier student philanthropy, led by the Student Foundation. Over the past 11 years, K-State Proud has raised more than $1 million and awarded over 650 SOAs.

Kaylie Mclaughlin
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