MHK named ‘most boring’ city in Kansas


Business Insider named Manhattan the “most boring” city in Kansas, with Wichita being the “most exciting” Friday.

Data from the Census Bureau’s analysis of county business patterns in 2015 was used to determine the most and least exciting cities in each state. The number of businesses that fall into 66 categories of interest, such as museums and art dealers determined each city’s value of excitement. Cities with the greatest number of these establishments were deemed to be the most exciting, while the cities with the least were deemed to be the most boring.

Cities outside of a metropolitan area were not considered. Therefore, Rhode Island and Vermont are not included in the article as they lack federally defined metro areas.

The article also listed St. Louis as the most exciting city in Missouri and Cape Girardeau as the most boring. For Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and Lawton were determined to be the most exciting and most boring cities in the state, respectively.

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