The ‘Black Panther’ effect: Wakanda’s influence in Manhattan

Courtesy image Marvel Studios.

Marvel’s latest superhero movie, “Black Panther,” is a trending topic both around the world and in Manhattan, snagging headlines and box office records for more than a week.

Here in Manhattan, “Black Panther” played in both of Manhattan’s AMC theaters, pulling large crowds over the weekend, collectively reaching an overall audience of more than 8,500 people.

The film is currently on its way to becoming the number one movie in the world for the second straight weekend, receiving praise from the likes of former first lady Michelle Obama, rapper Snoop Dogg and talk show host Glenn Beck.

Bill Bernard, sophomore in mass communications, said he really enjoyed the movie because of its implications on the film industry.

“This has made waves in its strong casting and its ability to address societal woes of yesteryear and the modern day, such as colonialism, racism and ultimately what defines a hero [or] leader when power and trust are emplaced in someone,” Bernard said.

Alanud Alanazi, junior in architectural engineering, said the movie was more overtly political than most Marvel superhero films, but it was handled well.

“It was handled tastefully and respectfully and didn’t do it by respecting any certain political side,” Alanazi said. “It was just the right amount of funny versus thriller and hit the right spots in terms of politics and society.”