2018 SGA general election results


Over the course of two days, just over 2,000 students participated in Student Governing Association’s general elections before they came to a close Wednesday evening. Below are the preliminary results. This list does not include ties. A PDF version of the results can be found at www.k-state.edu/elections/results.

College of Agriculture Senators
Will Moreland – 210 votes (13.27 percent)
Karl Wilhelm
Lacy Pitts
Sarah Niederee
Jake Wessel
Nils Bergsten
Sara Gammon

College of Architecture, Planning, and Design Senator
Ayana Belk – 20 votes (58.82 percent)

College of Arts and Sciences Senators
Faith Tuttle – 242 votes (7.56 percent)
Michael Leverett
Nathan King
Bailey Porter
Emma DeMaranville
Victor Valdez
PJ Hopfinger
Katie Sullivan
Sahiba Grover
Nathan Bothwell
Hayley Spellman
Drew Davis
Jack Dunfield
Natalie Jabben
Nathan Anderson

College of Business Administration Senators
Avery Bolar – 153 votes (13.73 percent)
Alec Hildreth
Madison Brown
Victoria Orth
Sarah Pelton
Sai Marre
Hannah Heatherman
Vedant Kulkarni

College of Education Senators
Paige Garrity – 100 votes (31.55 percent)
Shelby Carpenter
Caitlin Morgan

College of Engineering Senators
Jordan Kiehl – 220 votes (10.26 percent)
Mathew Orzechowski
Jordan Martin
Ethan Hammond
Mariana Cruz
Ali Karamali
Jonathan Cole
Raj Kodira
Carson Tjelmeland
Jansen Penny
Donny Riffel

College of Human Ecology Senators
Paloma Roman – 154 votes (37.11 percent)
Anna Spencer
Heather Albers
Cody Filbert
Brooke Colglazier
Tyron Bowen

Graduate School Senators
Mohana Yoganandan – 62 votes (22.88 percent)
Marcus Kidd
Marie Armstrong
Samantha Thomas
Russell Harp
Emma Pisello
Hannah Konrad

Agriculture College Council President
Danielle Comstock – 240 votes (94.49 percent)

Agriculture College Council Vice President
Milea Anderson – 233 votes (95.49 percent)

Agriculture College Countil Secretary
John Kennedy – 231 votes (95.45 percent)

Agriculture College Council Treasurer
Joshua Stucky – 226 votes (95.76 percent)

Agriculture College Council Activities Director
Reid Huffman – 221 votes (95.67 percent)

Agriculture College Council Public Relations Director
Kyler Langvardt – 238 votes (95.97 percent)

Arts and Sciences College Council
Emma DeMaranville – 210 votes (13.73 percent)
Hayley Spellman
Nathan Anderson
Mathew Orzechowski
Caleb Deines
Kaleb Goertzen
Joshua Arnoldy
Ian Boyd
Patrick Hopfinger

Education College Council
Samantha Thomas – 135 votes (47.2 percent)
Heather Albers
Tyron Bowen

Board of Directors, Student Publications (One year term)
Dongam Jeong – 17 votes (3.13 percent)
Stepan Dilkes
Ian Boyd

Union Governing Board (One year term)
Marcus Kidd – 741 votes (28.39 percent)
Nathan Anderson

Union Governing Board (Two year term)
Jack Dunfield – 1,092 votes (50.49 percent)
Vedant Kulkarni
Stepan Dilkes

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