Defending champions repeat win in intramural dodgeball tournament

Derek Laughman, freshman in biological system engineering, and John Allison, freshman in political science, prepare to throw their dodgeballs at the opposing team during a dodgeball tournament Sunday. The dodgeball tournament was hosted by a group of LEAD 212 students for their Holding to Purpose project in the hopes of relieving stress among college students.

Thirteen teams came together Saturday at 10 a.m. for the annual intramural dodgeball tournament at the Rec Complex.

Teams consisted of either five or six players and ranged from fraternities to fellow majors to just groups of friends.

The format for the tournament consisted of single elimination in the first round. The team called TB played twice as there was an uneven number of teams and they were the defending champions.

The teams that came out of the first round moved on to a double elimination, round-robin format with two pools made up of three teams each. Pool 1 was made up of The Untouchaballs, Team Nolan and TB. Pool 2 was made up of The Snyder Fellow Family, Delta Upsilon and New Direction.

In a heated fifth game in the double elimination round, New Direction and Delta Upsilon each had one player left in the game. After some close calls by both sides, a dropped ball by New Direction gave Delta Upsilon the win to vault them into the championship game against TB.

TB, with members wearing purple “2016-2017 Intramural Champions” T-shirts, dominated all day against opposing teams. Led by team captain Kyle Mclean, junior in marketing, TB faced little competition. At the end of a five-game championship round against Delta Upsilon, they were champions once again.

Frustrations arose from the teams facing the hard-throwing two-time champions.

“I’m a two-time dodgeball champion at Pittsburgh State University, so losing in the first round was hard for me,” said Randy Guan, member of team Gym Class Heroes and senior in nutrition and health.

Kaylee Grant, sophomore in biological systems engineering and intramural supervisor, organized the event.

“It’s a little overwhelming overseeing this event by myself, but it’s fun, and everyone here is nice,” Grant said. “I’m the newest supervisor so I kind of got roped into it. I enjoy being out here though and helping everyone have fun.”