BREAKING: Jordan Kiehl elected K-State student body president


Jordan Kiehl, junior in industrial engineering, won the office of student body president with 1,994 votes, a margin of 57.35 percent.

Kiehl, current Student Governing Association chief of staff, will succeed Jack Ayres as Kansas State’s next student body president, and her running mate Lacy Pitts, senior in agricultural economics, will take on the office of student body vice president. They are the first female duo to win the presidential election, 91.9 KSDB FM said in its announcement of the election results.

The Roman-Leverett campaign received 42.65 percent of the vote, or 1,483 votes.

The Kiehl-Pitts campaign received 33.52 percent of the vote in the primaries last month.

Their win comes at the end of a tumultuous week that began with the Roman-Leverett campaign being disqualified and removed from the ballot on Monday before being reinstated Tuesday morning.

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