Fake Patty’s Day 2018, as told by the RCPD Twitter account

Manhattan citizens and others from surrounding areas came with friends and family to Aggieville on Saturday to celebrate Fake Patty's Day with food, drinks and music. (Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

While Wildcats emptied out grocery stores’ supplies of juice and green Jell-O in preparation for another round of Fake Patty’s Day drunken debauchery, officers of the Riley County Police Department hunkered down and psyched themselves up to monitor a full day’s worth of binge drinking.

At 9:17 a.m., the RCPD Twitter account announced the first alcohol-related arrest of the day, along with some tips on what to do if your pal Susan gets cut off by law enforcement.

And later, a few words of wisdom.

Officers offered a sentiment of solidarity to a lone soul on clean-up duty.

In an attempt to communicate with the youth of Manhattan, the RCPD adopted an unconventional strategy to get their point across.

Just past noon, it was apparently necessary to remind some people that stealing isn’t very nice.

Local restaurant Subs-N-Such asked for some clarification.

The first minor arrested for possession wore a shirt that predicted their fate… almost.

At 1:20 p.m., fresh legs took to the streets.

Officers from other departments offered support.

Later, a moment of silence for the fallen.

Someone departed a kind compliment to an officer hard at work.

Just in case anyone was wondering what was for dinner Saturday night, the RCPD sent out the menu.

We all love sleep, but alcohol blankets don’t work well on sidewalks.

Despite all the drunken antics, Fake Patty’s Day revelers still made officers proud.

However, some people did need a reminder that the world is not their oyster — or their restroom.

Also, the RCPD may not understand what Uber is. The intention was sweet, though.

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