Kiehl-Pitts campaign celebrates K-State student body presidential election win

Following a long elections process, Lacy Pitts and Jordan Kiehl celebrate their victory in the K-State student body presidential race. (Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

Friends, supporters and volunteers from the Kiehl-Pitts campaign for student body president and vice president gathered at Kite’s Bar and Grill in Aggieville to await election results Friday evening. The polls closed at 6 p.m., and the results were announced over the radio shortly after.

Jordan Kiehl, Student Governing Association chief of staff and junior in industrial engineering, and Lacy Pitts, student senator and junior in agricultural economics, won with 57.35 percent of the vote, receiving 1,994 votes. Their opponents, Paloma Roman and Michael Leverett, trailed behind with 1,483 votes.

After the radio announcement, student body president-elect Kiehl addressed the group gathered at Kite’s. She thanked them for their ongoing help and support through the campaign process.

“We are honestly so overwhelmed and excited, and felt so supported and loved throughout this campaign,” Kiehl said. “We’re thrilled with the results. It’s been a long process, but definitely one that is worth it. I’m just so thrilled and excited. No matter how the results came out, we were ready to work on our platform. It’s exciting that they went in our favor.”

Kiehl said she decided to run for student body president in June, and brought Pitts to her campaign in August. Pitts said it was a long road to winning the election, but well worth it.

“I’m really grateful for everyone who has supported us,” Pitts said. “We could not have won without them.”

Friends of the campaign stayed following the announcement to offer their congratulations and celebrate the victory. Kat Gregerson, sophomore in food science and Pitts’ roommate, said she was very happy for the running pair.

“I’ve seen how much hard work they’ve poured into this campaign,” Gregerson said. “Their slogan has been ‘Expect More,’ and being friends with them, they’ve always expected more from me, and me in return from them. I know that they’re going to do the same for the university.”

Kiehl said her first order of business is putting together a cabinet and getting organized for next year.

“We’re going to soak up these next couple days and then hit the ground running getting started on our platform for K-State students,” said Kiehl.

As for their goals next year, Pitts said, “We want to make sure we’re hearing all students’ voices and that all students are getting the input that they deserve to have in changing K-State and making it a better place for years to come.”

The campaign’s victory followed a turbulent week in the elections process after the Roman-Leverett campaign was disqualified and removed from the ballot by the elections commissioner on Monday before being reinstated Tuesday morning following an appeal to the Student Tribunal, as previously reported by the Collegian.