Local art exhibit takes over Willard Hall


Benjamin Ingle, graduate student in fine arts and graduate teaching assistant, was featured in an art exhibit in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery called the “The Unknowable Moment.” The exhibit, which opened up Feb. 28 and ran through March 6, featured a series of Ingle’s printmaking and paintings.

Ingles said by using the techniques of monotypes and etchings, he hopes that his past experiences, specifically fatherhood, speak through his artwork. Additionally, Ingles said he was also inspired by the landscapes of Florida, which is where he grew up, and how it contrasts to the landscape of Kansas.

Ingles said the “challenge of doing something” was a big focus of his exhibit because art is about “looking and having that emotive experience.”

[The] difficulties of making an image sometimes reveal things emotively that you wouldn’t have otherwise put into the image,” Ingles said.

Rachel Lord, junior in fine arts, said some of the artwork in the exhibit made her angry while others felt mysterious to her.

Linda Salazar, freshman in pre-nursing, said she focused on the representation of emotions building up in the artwork. Particularly, Salazar said the emotions present in the artwork were gloomy and produced negative connotation.

It takes a lot of creativity and imagination and a lot of strength just to pour out not only your emotions, but your thoughts as well,” Salazar said.

Jessica Landry, freshman in graphic design, said she had Ingle as a teacher. While in class, Landry said he helped her look at art differently. As for the exhibit, Landry said she found the art to be calming and steady.

“Not only does the color make it seem timely, but the style he decided to use for the art make it seem kind of smokey in a way, making it seem like it was from the past,” Landry said.

Ingles said, ultimately, his exhibit is about time.

“I wanted to show the journey that I went through to get to a place,” Ingles said. “I wanted to show this kind of progression and have almost a comic book style appearance.”