Students pay homage to K-State with album ‘Seeing Purple’

Different K-State students have come together to create the album "Seeing Purple." The album contains several songs relating to Manhattan and staple locations nearby. (Photo illustration by Logan Wassall | Collegian Media Group)

Four students recently wrote and produced an album about K-State called “Seeing Purple.” The album has eight songs on it, including some with familiar names such as “Anderson,” “Derb Rap” and “Konza.”

Junior Sean Barfield, freshman Michael Gibson, junior Nathan Fleming and sophomore Joe Coleman produced this album after coming up with the idea over winter break.

“I texted the guys like, ‘Wouldn’t this be a cool idea?’” Fleming, marketing student, said. “I think it stemmed from the fact that no one has ever written an album about a college town well. It’s part of working towards getting a community behind our music in addition to showing our pride toward a college we really love.”

A couple months later, on March 2, their album was released.

“We had to work really hard because we set the deadline of March 1st,” Fleming said. “There were a lot of late nights.”

Each of the guys contributed to the album in their own way. Barfield, communication science and disorders student, produced and rapped while Fleming produced and sang. Gibson, kinesiology student, rapped and sang while Coleman, geography student, produced and rapped.

“Once we came together, it was like something really special happened between all of us, and we found out that we could make some good music working together,” Barfield said.

Before deciding to produce the album, Barfield, Gibson, Fleming and Coleman met in K-State’s Rap and Producing Club, which started last semester. Not only did the club bring them together, but it also gave them their group’s name: R&P.

“After a few weeks of working on stuff in R&P, I realized that we four were the only ones in the group that really cared about making something cool,” Fleming said.

To make the album happen, the guys used resources around campus such as the recording studio in the Media Development Center.

“If it wasn’t for K-State, we couldn’t have made the album,” Coleman said.

The guys even went to places around campus and Manhattan to record sounds for songs on the album.

“Before we dropped the album I went around town to places like Varsity [Donuts] and recorded ambient sounds and put it on the track,” Fleming said. “I also went to Konza to record nature sounds, and for ‘Champions,’ I recorded audio from the football games.”

So far, “Seeing Purple” has had about 3,000 listeners on SoundCloud alone. The album can also be found on Spotify and Apple Music. The guys had a goal of at least 1,000 listeners, so the music isn’t about the fame for them; they’re just having fun.

“Our main goal was to accomplish something that hasn’t been done before and that people would like it,” Coleman said. “And maybe we would make people’s days a little bit better with our music.”

In the future, the guys hope to stay together as R&P for at least the rest of their time here at K-State. As a backup plan, they are all studying subjects not related to music.

“I could definitely see us all together in the future especially if something big happened for us,” Gibson said.

This whole experience has been very rewarding for each of the guys and they said they appreciate all of the feedback they’ve been getting.

“The support we have with all of our friends and family from back home has been awesome,” Gibson said. “All four of us are from different places but everyone is coming together to support us.”

R&P plans to release a new album in the future and has a performance set up for May 3 at noon in the K-State Student Union. Their songs will also be playing on K-State’s Housing and Dining Services radio station.

To get updates on R&P, follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @OfficialRnP.