Burnt out already? Kat Chat tackles tension of mid-semester stress


K-State Counseling Services continued the Kat Chat series Tuesday with the lecture “Extinguishing Burnout” led by Eugene Kogosov, Counseling Services psychology intern, who shared personal experiences with his own stress and burnout as well as effective ways to balance and eliminate burnout.

During a part of the lecture involving audience involvement, a majority reported that they had experienced feeling stressed out or anxious within the last few weeks.

Kogosov said burnout is usually caused by work, social and financial factors.

“The more stressed out you are, the higher chance that leads to all these types of mental health issues, physical issues and behavioral issues,” Kogosov said.

One of the complications that Kogosov said is associated with burnout is a weakened immune system, and other issues include anxiety, depression or even substance abuse.

“As you continue to experience higher amounts of stress, then that leads to increased likelihood of you experiencing symptoms of depression,” Kogosov said.

Kogosov shared how symptoms of burnout affect physical, emotional and behavioral wellbeing, appearing as headaches, exhaustion and noticeable changes in sleep patterns, as well as feelings of helplessness or detachment. Additional symptoms could be drug or alcohol abuse and the development of self-destructive habits.

Kogosov said students can effectively manage burnout by taking breaks from stressful tasks, by engaging in humor or connecting with close friends and family. Additionally, Kogosov said one of the most helpful ways to deal with burnout is to simply be “heard.”

Kogosov elaborated on the resources available to students, saying that beyond Kat Chat lectures, Counseling Services also offers A Moment of Mindfulness and Feel Better Fast. Counseling Services also provides individual counseling sessions for students experiencing a myriad of issues such as worthlessness or lack of motivation. Students can access up to four individual therapy sessions a year for free, with every following session costing $15 to $25.

For more information about how to effectively combat burnout, check out the Counseling Services website.

The Counseling Services Kat Chat series will continue April 3 at 4 p.m. in 13 Leasure where Peer Advocates for Mental Wellness and Success will discuss the warning signs of suicide and how to help friends dealing with these symptoms.