‘For the Culture’ blends fresh music and self-expression on the airwaves

The 91.9 KSDB student radio station during a live broadcast. (File Photo by Sarah Millard | Collegian Media Group)

“For the Culture” is a new radio show hosted by 91.9 KSDB, Kansas State’s student-run radio station, that has been making waves over social media with gripping discussion topics and a playlist that keeps listeners coming back for more.

“Honestly, it was an accident,” Alan Garrett, junior in mass communications, said. “I did it just to see if I would enjoy it.”

The idea for the radio show was initially discussed by KSDB staffers this semester and brought to life fairly quickly. The KSDB radio directors brought hosts in and trained them to operate the technology inside of the booth, and the show hit the ground running.

Laken Horton, “For the Culture” host and junior in mass communications, said culture is important to people of color, and that’s how the name of the show came about.

“It’s how we define and identify who we are,” Horton said. “When I hear the phrase ‘for the culture,’ I think we are doing this to build up and allow our culture to be rich in knowledge and education, learning from each other and our experiences as people of color.”

The experiences Horton talks about allow “For the Culture” to address the hard-hitting topics that “everyone wants to ignore” and give the hosts’ views on what is happening around the world, especially those which affect African-Americans in their everyday lives.

“We literally have two hours to say what we want, how we want, and no one can interrupt and put down our opinions. They just have to listen,” Horton said. “The goal is for other people who are often silenced to feel like they are open to speak up, whether it’s through the thoughts of my co-hosts and I or calling in and speaking their minds.”

“For the Culture” hasn’t been around for a very long time, but it already has a following of fans who tune in every time it’s on the air. The show encourages its fans to call in and give their opinions on the topics the hosts are discussing that night.

“There has simply been nothing like it at K-State since I’ve gotten here, and that’s what keeps me coming back every week to listen,” Kayla Mays, sophomore in apparel marketing, said. “It represents not only me but what I feel as a black woman living in America.”

Horton said she didn’t expect the audience “For the Culture” has attracted.

“I love that we can be unapologetically who we are, and people are respecting and loving it,” Horton said. “People I never expected to hear the show are tuning in, and they are really engaged in our topics.”

Tune in to “For the Culture” on Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. on 91.9 KSDB FM.