Nick Jonas blasts throwback hits for massive crowd in Bramlage

Courtesy photo by Rolling Stone.

The crowd in Bramlage Coliseum broke into an uproar Thursday night when singer-songwriter Nick Jonas took the stage clad in sunglasses, white skinny jeans and flannel to perform in a concert organized by the Union Program Council.

Even without his equally famous brothers, Jonas performed old crowd favorites from the 2000s and the musical “Camp Rock” in addition to numbers from his solo career.

“He really won me over when he played the Jonas Brothers throwbacks,” Taylor Barker, sophomore in social work, said.

Between songs, Jonas told the audience tidbits of information about his life. He said he never went to college, but if he had, he would have studied English and played baseball.

Barker said the concert was better than she expected it to be.

“The concert was absolutely amazing,” Barker said. “I went in just expecting it to be average, but he put on a great show. My friend and I were up dancing and singing to every song.”

One of the ways the event appealed to students was by offering an affordable concert experience. Tickets were only $20 with a valid student ID.

“It was really exciting to be able to get tickets at such a low price,” Maggie Schroeder, sophomore in industrial engineering, said. “I got a floor seat experience without having to pay an insanely high price.”

Attendees had the option to sit in the stands or be closer to the stage in a mosh pit, all for the same price.