Last, but not least: Dumb Debate series comes to an end

Questioning the opinion of an audience member, Jacob Casey and Kailey Meacham have an intriguing debate on whether cheesecake is actually a cake. As members of On the Spot Improv, Casey and Meacham took part in Dumb Debates, hosted by UPC in the Union Courtyard on April 19, 2018. (Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

The Dumb Debate series, hosted by the Union Program Council and On the Spot Improv, wrapped up in the sweetest way possible: arguing about sweets and treats.

Two members of On the Spot Improv, Kailey Meacham, freshman in wildlife conservation biology, and Jacob Casey, freshman in political science and hospitality management, bantered back and forth on whether or not Peeps, the marshmallow candies, are really “that bad.”

“Even if you don’t like the candy, you’ve got to admire the candy,” Meacham said. “You don’t have to eat them, but they’re nice to look at.”

In response, Casey compared Peeps to going to the doctor to get vaccinations.

“It’s like a shot: you only have to get it once a year for a vaccination, and you hate it,” Casey said. “That’s how painful Peeps are, honestly.”

Meacham combatted that statement, saying, “I, for one, love shots because every time I go to get a shot, I reward myself with a Peep.”

Casey and Meacham also debated which word was worse: moist or supple.

“I love the word supple,” Meacham said. “I’d use it in every sentence if I could. I don’t hate moist, but it is a weaker word.”

Casey replied with a different opinion.

“I love the word moist,” Casey said. “When you’re talking about food — especially desserts — moist is the only usable word. You can’t be like ‘Mm, this cake is so damp.’”

Mikaila Woods, junior in microbiology, offered a more moderate sentiment.

“I like all words equally,” she said.

To test the limits of this statement, Casey and Meacham tried saying words like “garage” and “meats,” which seemed to be the nastiest words they could think of, but Woods held true to her word.

The debate then turned to who is the best “Super Chris” out of Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. The audience jumped at the opportunity to answer. Cheers of “Chris Pratt!” rang out from the balcony seating above the Union Courtyard, which Casey confidently challenged.

“What makes you think Chris Pratt is all that and a bag of chips?” Casey said to the audience.

There were many responses concerning his superior physical appearance to the rest, but one member of the audience had a unique take.

“Because he’s probably got a bag of chips with him somewhere,” Eric Hoyt, sophomore in secondary education, said.

Charlsie Fowler, senior in apparel and textiles, facilitated the debate and played a major role in creating the event, referring to it as her “brain baby.”

“We wanted to create debates where we would not just do light-hearted topics, but just stupid topics that don’t really have a conclusion,” Fowler said.