Monday performance showcases student dancers’ works, artistry


Student dancers and choreographers held a dance showcase Monday night at the Mark. A Chapman Theatre in Nichols Hall.

The Kansas State School of Music, Theater, and Dance holds multiple dance concerts throughout the year, including faculty and informal concerts, Winter and Spring Dances, senior performances, as well as community and off-campus performances.

The Monday night performance included new student-featured choreography, works in progress, experimental works and pieces choreographed entirely by students for this particular concert.

Any K-State student is allowed to submit a Dance Student Spotlight form to be a part of the concert.

Isabel Rose Vardaman, sophomore in theatre education, choreographed a piece entitled “Loss and Love.”

“The piece was really personal to me,” Vardaman said. “It was about my whole year here, my first year at K-State and it just turned out beautiful.”

Vardaman’s piece, which has been in production since the end of the fall semester, was just one of more than 20 performances that showcased the talents of multiple dancers in solo, duet and big group numbers in styles ranging from ballet, tap, jazz, modern and other traditional world dance forms.

Hannah Stecklein, sophomore in mechanical engineering, made an appearance in three of the performances.

Stecklein said it is a rewarding opportunity to be able to bring a friend’s work to stage.

“It was also a lot of fun to work with other students that I wouldn’t normally have classes with in a more relaxed setting, doing something we all enjoy,” Stecklein said.